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This is a picture of a doctor listening to a a elderly males breath sounds
This is a picture of a doctor listening to a a elderly males breath sounds

Occupational Medicine

KCH understands the importance of fostering a safe and healthy work environment for our community employers and employees. With this understanding comes our decision to offer Occupational Medicine. Occupational Medicine centers on the prevention and management of workplace-related illness, injury, or disability.

Services offered:

Biometric Screenings

Biometric screening is for the health benefit of each employee. Screenings can include height, weight, blood pressure, BMI, Lipid Profile and Blood Glucose testing - all performed at your workplace by a team of KCH professionals. Each employee will receive the results of their screening by mail. The results of the screening is for information only and does not make any diagnosis of any disease or health condition. Diagnosis can only be made by a qualified physician or licensed health care provider.

Post-Hire Physicals and DOT Physicals

Post-Hire physicals and Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals are available from certified providers at either Medical Arts Center or Cunningham Clinic.

Post-Hire Drug Testing and DOT Drug Testing

KCH lab is certified to perform DOT Drug Testing.

Occupational Rehab Services

The Rehab Services Department knows the importance of the prevention and management of work-related injuries. KCH therapists are certified by ErgoScience, authorizing them to handle all aspects of occupational medicine including post-hire screens, workplace injuries, preventative services and wellness programs.

Quantitative Job Demands Analysis - KCH therapists are certified to perform on-site Job Demands Analysis. Our therapists will assist employers in developing accurate and up to date job descriptions and essential job functions.

Post-Offer Screenings - Once an applicant has been extended an offer of employment, our team will complete a Post-Offer Screening to identify whether the applicant can meet the physical demands of the job. Offers of employment can be contingent based on the applicant's ability to pass the screening, just as with a Drug Screen.

Return to Work Screenings - Before an injured employee returns to full duty, a screening will be performed to make certain there are no physical limitations that would prevent an employee from doing his or her job safely.
Post-Injury Rehabilitation & Work Hardening - After an injury, KCH therapists develop individualized treatment plans. Plans are designed to provide pain relief, improve strength and mobility, increase range of motion and relieve stress. As treatment progresses, work hardening is added to incorporate regular workday tasks into therapy.

Transitional Work Recommendation - When an employee returns to work, following an injury with modified or restricted duties our therapists can make recommendation of work activities to safely transition them to the next level.

Functional Capacity Evaluation - FCE is a series of tests used to evaluate a person's abilities and limitations. To an employer or physician, the test results offer an objective, reliable, valid and defensible assessment of an employee's ability to meet job demands.


Justina Kostner, Director of Rehab Services
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