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Employee Benefits

Paid Time Off Benefits

Paid Time Off - Paid time off is accrued based on hours worked. Over a one year period, an employee that works 80 hours a pay period (2 weeks) accrues 10 vacation days, 3 sick days and 6 holidays. A day is defined as 8 hours. After five years, another 5 days are added to vacation. After 10 years, another 5 days are added. PTO is available to use after the completion of the 90 day initial employment period.

Extended Illness Time (EIT) - A sick bank accrues at 3.69 hours per pay period, based on 80 hours worked. The EIT accrues to a maximum of 520 hours. When an employee's EIT bank reaches 520 hours, 40 hours can be transferred to the PTO bank per written policy.

Personal Days - 16 hours of personal time off is provided per calendar year.

Family Sick Leave - Full time employees are entitled to 24 hours of family sick leave per calendar year. This leave is used from the EIT bank to care for a sick child, spouse, parent or grandparent.

Bereavement Time Off - Paid time off in the event of a death in an employee's immediate family is provided per written policy.

PTO Buyout - An employee may, subject to written policy, buy out up to 50 hours of Paid Time Off once a calendar year.

Insurance Benefits

Health Insurance - The cost of the health insurance is based on years of service. The premiums are set up as a payroll deduction and are deducted through the Section 125 plan on a pre-tax basis. Full time employees are eligible for insurance coverage on the first day of
the month following the 90 day initial employment period.

Dental Insurance - NVHS pays a portion of the dental insurance for participating employees. Premiums are deducted pre-tax.

Supplemental Vision - Available to full time employees to help cover the cost of frames, lenses and/or eye exams.

Life Insurance - NVHS pays for $20,000 of life insurance for the employee, $10,000 for spouses and $5,000 for children.

Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Plans - Voluntary supplemental coverage for cancer, accident, disability and hospital indemnity is available through AFLAC.

Employee Health Benefits

Fitness Club Membership - The first of the month following 90 days of employment, full time employees are eligible for a free membership at the fitness center in Kingman.

Free Employee Health Services - Employees may have an annual health screen including a CBC, Chemistry Profile, UA and Lipid Profile. A chest x-ray, EKG and thyroid profile are available once every five years for employees over 40. Annual mammograms are available for employees age 40 and over and PSAs for males age 50 and over. All employees will receive a yearly TB skin test. A flu shot is offered annually.

Other Benefits

Retirement Plan - A 403(b) retirement plan is provided through VALIC. Employees can start contributing to the 403(b) after meeting with the VALIC representative. After one year of service and at least 1,000 hours, an employee is eligible for employer matching. NVHS will match 50% of the employee's contribution, up to a maximum employee contribution of 5% of gross salary. Employee contributions that exceed 5% of gross will not be matched. An employee is fully vested after 6 years of eligibility.

Medical Community Credit Union - Employees have the opportunity to become members of the Medical Community Credit Union. This enables employees to payroll deduct amounts which can go fo savings, checking, IRA or Christmas Club accounts.

Discounts for In-patient/Outpatient services - per written policy.

In-service education, Continuing education/workshops, Tuition Reimbursement and Travel expense - per written policy.