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Our Name and Mission in Caring for You

In April 2021, we announced a new name for our hospital that best represented what we stand for: Kingman Healthcare Center.

It is a very intentional choice to include the word healthcare in our name. This signifies our proactive efforts to elevate overall community health, with a focus on whole health and preventive care that goes beyond simply treating medical issues.

Another key component of the Kingman Healthcare Center brand is the modern look of our logo. We chose primary colors in blue and green to represent a partnership of stability and health. The cross, which has long been associated with the medical profession, is considered a symbol of protection and represents the compassionate care we deliver at Kingman Healthcare Center.

We have accentuated our emphasis on whole health in many other ways as well: our recent renovation and expansion of the Family Clinic and Rehab Services; our growth in specialty and primary care services for patients of all ages; and our focus on the specific issues affecting our community's health.

We welcome all opportunities to help members of our community get to know Kingman Healthcare Center. Our standing as a top-20 Critical Access Hospital, as determined by the National Rural Health Association, signifies a level of modern, sophisticated care that is on par with the region's larger hospitals. Yet, as the hometown hub for healthcare, we will continue to offer the personal touch and local connections that can't be found anywhere else.

Please join us in our mission and vision as we move forward together. One thing about Kingman Healthcare Center will never change: our ability to provide the excellent care our patients need, with the local convenience, accessibility and safe environment they want.

Mission Statement

Exceptional Healthcare to Every Patient, Every Time

Vision Statement

Be the provider of choice by leading wellness through innovation, partnerships, compassion and quality

Our Pledge

Patients Come First

Our Values

TEAMWORK: In an environment of trust and cooperation, we are committed to working together to promote a positive relationship between those we serve and those providing service.

HEALING: We strive to create a safe environment that meets our patients' expectations and hopes for recovery and healing.

RESPECT: We are committed to treating all patients with dignity and an acknowledgment of their value. We will create a culture of respect among our co-workers by listening to understand, keeping our promises, and expressing our gratitude toward one another.

INNOVATION: We strive to explore, design and implement new approaches to improve the quality of life for all persons.

VIRTUE: Our responsibility is to maintain the highest standards of behavior and morality to encompass honest ethics and do the right things for the right reasons.

EXCELLENCE: We are in the business of health CARE, so we commit to keeping a patient safe both physically and emotionally.